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Blanka knocks down a guy Blanka knocks down a guy... rating
Sniper point of view Sniper point of view... rating
Best weapon for Snipers Best weapon for Snipers... rating
Go and Play Outside Go and Play Outside... rating
Blanka knocks down a guy... 0
Blanka knocks down a guy
Remember Blanka from Street Fighter? Who wouldn’t? Well, he’s now messing with innocent people. Here, Blanka knocks down a passerby, causing him a lot of pain and probably ruining his chances of procreating.
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Sniper point of view... 0
Sniper point of view
Snipers have their own, really special point of view. That should be a lesson for anyone up against an elite sniper team.
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Best weapon for Snipers... 0
Best weapon for Snipers
Good snipers have a weapon of choice for doing what they do. Usually it is something large and heavy that shoots a single, powerful, high-velocity round and that can take out the biggest target. But sometimes, it is much more fun to shoot with something like a knife: Would be very cool to have in the real world. Especially if it has a camera attached...
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Go and Play Outside... 0
Go and Play Outside
When someone tells a gamer like you to go play outside, this isn’t what they meant. What are your favorite outdoor games?
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Gandalf Steals Experience Points... 0
Gandalf Steals Experience Points
Gandalf is such a jerk. Sent everyone away so he can fight the Balrog on his own and hoard all the experience points. No wonder he leveled up and got all the goodies while the others had to beg the elves for help. After this, the hobbits leveled up pretty fast, though took Aragorn a while.
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In Case of Earthquake... 0
In Case of Earthquake
As a gamer, you must know what to do in case of emergency. Follow these steps to ensure that your precious gaming console and other equipment doesn’t get damaged. Off course, I’d try taking it with me. Wouldn’t want to be left outside your collapsed building with nothing to do. Also make sure to secure your games. Might never find...
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Top Racing... 0
Top Racing
Description: Top view racing game. Race race race and upgrade your car!
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